Richard Moore LL.B., C. Med., CFM, Cert. Med. IMI., C. Arb
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Richard Moore has over 30 years’ experience in conflict management. Having started his career as a practicing lawyer, he has retired from law practice and works exclusively in conflict management, delivering mediation, arbitration, med-arbitration, investigation, and conflict management system design services to a wide range of clientele in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.

Mediating since 1990, he has conducted over twenty-five hundred mediations including mediations in complex multi-party situations, and in various contexts including: employment and workplace, policing, hospitals and health care, human rights, indigenous people’s issues, public policy, estates, real estate, professional responsibility, personal injury, insurance, construction, family and property disputes.

His international experience includes introducing mediation programs into the Supreme Court systems of Guyana and the Philippines. Other dispute resolution system design experience includes significant involvement in the establishment of the Mediation Institute of Guyana, the founding of the YMCA-YWCA Community Mediation Program (now Community Mediation Ottawa), and the provision of expert advice to many Canadian public and private sector conflict management and mediation programs.

He is recognized as a mentor in the conflict management field and has taught negotiation, mediation, and arbitration skills to a wide audience including judges, lawyers, social workers, union representatives, human resource professionals, tribunal members, civil society leaders and conflict management professionals.

He is a graduate of Carleton University and Queen’s Law School and is an accredited mediator and arbitrator with the following designations: Chartered Arbitrator, Chartered Mediator, and Certified Family Mediator from the ADR Institute of Canada and Certified Mediator from the International Mediation Institute in The Hague.

Richard has held significant volunteer governance positions in not-for-profit, legal and conflict management professional associations including Past President of the Ottawa YMCA-YWCA, Past Director YMCA Canada, Past President of the County of Carleton Law Association, and past director of the ADR Institute of Ontario.

Richard is based in the Ottawa area