In today's operating environment, process is as important as product. If you don't have a process that builds trust and engages people in the conversations that matter to them, even the best product in the world may not be broadly supported. Engagement creates buy in. It generates understanding, it creates collective perspective and it generates what is frequently referred to as 'social capital.' Professionals in all walks are dealing with complex, multi-faceted and 'wicked' issues. These wicked issues affect multiple people, in multiple ways. Climate Change is a wicked issue; acid rain is a wicked issue. Affordable and attainable housing, and community safety & well-being, to name a few, are wicked issues. Wicked issues require a collaborative, creative approach that focuses on building on collective intelligence. So many of the issues we are facing are 'joined up problems' with no end and no beginning. These joined up problems require joined up solutions that engage an array of interests from government, industry and community. Addressing complex, multi-faceted issues requires a new set of skills – ones that align with convergence facilitation and engagement. A new cadre of leaders capable of championing change and engaging in meaningful dialogue is needed. When we engage with others, we challenge ourselves, we widen our lens, and we broaden our circle of involvement. By engaging effectively with others, we have the potential to build meaningful relationships, see through the lens of others, develop depth and a breadth of perspective, and produce results that are quite honestly, truly remarkable. If engaging effectively is of interest to you, please join us for an intensive six hour workshop where we will discuss innovative approaches to engagement and case studies that focus on highly complex and emotionally charged environmental and natural resource management conflicts.

"Engaging governments at all levels, industry and community organizations and individuals builds trust and creates social capital. Properly designed and facilitated, an engagement mindset can be the foundation for innovation and learning which in turn, can produce results that are truly remarkable." [K. Wianecki]


8 Hours


$500 + HST per attendee


to be scheduled


Karen Wianecki



  • Why Engagement Is A Business Imperative
  • How to Avoid Typical Engagement Mistakes & Mis-steps
  • Different Types of Networks
  • Different Engagement Approaches for Stakeholders & Rights Holders
  • Tools for Network & Stakeholder Analysis
  • How to Manage the Engagement Process


  • Those interested in developing their engagement sills
  • Conflict Management Professionals
  • Governments at all levels, including Indigenous partners
  • Community Groups & Organizations
  • Industry & Business Representatives
  • Those who are committed to building relationships